Remove The Burden From Your Family

Fill this planner out with your important information and let them know where it is for when you pass away.



Choose the pages you want to fill out




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Frequently Asked Questions
What sections are included In the planner?

Here are a few of the sections included:

  • My Personal Wishes
  • Letters to loved ones
  • What Beneficiaries Can Expect
  • Access to & location of important items
  • Medical Information
  • Contact Information (advisors, attorneys, accountant)
  • Important Documents
  • Financial Information
  • Personal Property
  • Insurance
  • What to Pay, Close, and Cancel
  • Digital accounts(Email, Social Media, etc)
  • Charitable wishes
  • My Gratitude & Last Words
Can this replace my will or trusts?

No. This planner is not a legal document and does not replace a valid will.

I'll email you once we have them available.