Reframing how you think about retirement can make a big difference in the way that you plan for your future. A lot of people don’t like the term “retirement” because it conjures up thoughts of old folks’ homes, or of sitting on a wicker rocking chair on the porch with time just passing you by. If you’re anything like our clients, that’s not really the kind of retirement that you’re looking for.

A lot of people put off retiring because they wonder: what am I going to do all day? They keep working because they don’t know how good life can be after they stop working. So, rather than planning for retirement, why not plan for financial independence. By planning for the date where you can be financially free, you have the option to work or not work, or maybe only work part time.

Many of our clients put off retiring because they want to be productive and to have purpose in life, and a career can give you that. But once they start thinking about planning for financial independence versus retirement, there’s more motivation and excitement about planning for the future. 

Recently, I was talking with a 51-year-old who was burnt out at her job. Despite having other interests and passions, she didn’t want to retire early. The main factor in this decision was because she didn’t want to lose her health insurance. But after a little bit of planning, she discovered that she can work part-time in an industry that she loves, have the benefits that she wants, and avoid burnout. 

To sum up: don’t about retirement planning, but focus on independence planning instead. And hopefully that will you more excited and motivated to create your perfect retirement. For more information on your perfect retirement, click here.