If you need an example of a person who is generous, wise, and strategic with finances, look no further than Justin Forsett! A former running back in the NFL and entrepreneur, Justin lays out his story from humble beginnings to managing new money during his time in the NFL to transitioning into new endeavors with his company, Hustle Clean.

In this blog post, we’ll break down a few major takeaways: managing new money, investing in the next stage of life now, and having a strong Why.

Managing New Money

Sometimes, we find ourselves with more money than we’ve ever had before. Maybe you grew up in humble circumstances. Maybe you’ve made a big financial leap in a small amount of time. How do you keep a healthy relationship with money in that moment?

Justin discusses how money can do a lot of good, but it can also do a lot of damage. When you come into new money, finding the right balance of giving and saving is key. Especially if you come from humble beginnings, you may be tempted to go one of two directions with new money: spend it lavishly or hoard it selfishly. He talks through his experience of learning from the right people to strike that balance between planning and giving.

Invest in the Next Stage of Life… Now!

Justin also poses the question, “Does my bank account reflect what I say I value?” If you want a life of supporting others and being “famous in your own home” until your last days, does your money flow toward things that support those goals?

Investing in future goals starts in the present. Planning and saving money is a vital piece of having a generous and creative retirement. Justin calls out that we were created to create and invest in others, and that those desires will continue into retirement.

Have a Strong Why

Adversity and obstacles are coming your way regardless of the path you walk. When you meet them, having a strong Why behind your endeavors will help you stay the course. A weak Why will threaten your longevity and success because it won’t be sustainable when you have to work through adversity.

Justin is passionate about giving back and helping others live a life of purpose. With that strong Why propelling him, he founded Hustle Clean, a hygiene and self-care brand, so that people can stay healthy while living lives of action. And through Hustle Clean, he’s been able to help people around the globe when disasters fall.

With strategic planning and generous hearts, a life–and retirement–of purpose and fulfillment is possible.

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