How It Works

Our mission is to provide the best possible solution to the question, “What should I do with my money?”


Our technology does some amazing things, but sometimes you still need to talk to a human to make sure you’re making smart financial decisions. Once you open your account, you get immediate access to your personal CFP, CFA, RICP.

Step One

Tell us what you want to do with your money.

Open a no-fee checking account? Save for your weekly groceries? Invest for a dream retirement with your partner or spouse? No matter what you have in mind, from practical spending to big investing dreams, we’re here to help you make it real.

Step Two

We’ll build your account.

Based on what you tell us, we’ll provide some recommendations and set up your ideal account. You can start with one product (like Checking), or go all in. Whatever you choose, it’s easy to add more and customize your account in the future.

Step Three

Our technology gets to work.

From Day 1, we strive to optimize every dollar you spend, save, and invest with us. Our technology manages your money and helps you earn more. As your money grows and your priorities change, we evolve with ongoing advice and updates to help you stay on track.

Step Four

Save. Withdraw. Spend. Cheers!

We’re excited to see you achieve your goals, withdraw, and use your money! (Especially when you use Checking.) After all, you’re saving and investing for the things you need and the life you want. The best part: We get to do it again with your next goal.

Whatever you want to save for, we can help you get there.

Safety Net

“I’m looking to grow my emergency fund.”


“I’m planning for the golden years after working.”

Major purchases

“I’m saving for something like a wedding or a home.”


“I’m saving for my child’s future college education.”

General Investing

“I just want to build my wealth over time.”


“I want to manage investments belonging to my trust.”

Your financial life, all in one place.

We’ve partnered with Betterment to Streamline your investing and give you your own personal CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

You pay one low, annual fee.

No hidden fees. No additional trading and transfer fees. What you see is what you pay. If only everything in life were this simple.

Annual Fee


Or about $65/year for every $10,000 invested.