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How Much You Need To Be Wealthy – Surprising Results

How much does it take to be considered wealthy? There is an answer, and it might surprise you. 

It surprised me because when Schwab did this survey asking people how much they thought they needed to be wealthy in the US, their answers led to something called the Wealth Paradox Effect. I’m going to share some of the top findings from this study so that you can improve your financial life and then find out how to achieve that feeling of wealth that you might be looking for.

23 Retirement Habits of Wealthy Retirees

There are 23 retirement habits of wealthy retirees. These 23 habits are going to fall into four categories of wealth – financial, relationship, health, and spiritual. All four of these are important to living out that ideal retirement.

2 Retirement Shifts To Make When Planning Your Own Retirement

As you’re planning your retirement, there’s a shift that we should think about as we map out our finances and our life after our career. There are two important things that I want to share with you. The first one’s for everybody, and then the second one is for business owners or entrepreneurs who might have the option to design their day and their week while they’re working.